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Commercial Access for Industry Professionals

Here, you can register to browse through our print collections, with new designs added daily and stock refreshed immediately. To get started, simply click the links below and fill out the registration forms. Please note that access is not automatic – once you’ve filled in your details, we will review your application and confirm your credentials. When verified, your account will be activated for a limited time period.



Longina Phillips is our largest collection and is a versatile commercial collection of original designs that focuses highly on trends and seasonal directions. The Longina Phillips collection centres around retail ready prints for fashion and lifestyle. The collection caters to a wide range of customers that look towards both close-to-season trends and macro trends.

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The Print Room collection is our high end designer offering of exclusive prints for fashion. The Print Room focuses on macro trends that both inspire and inform our customers collections. The collection has hand-executed techniques that are derived from a fine art background giving the range a luxe look and feel. TPR has a cult following due to its unique look and we are always constantly striving to push boundaries and deliver new evolving trends.

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The Longina Phillips Designs HOME collection is a polished collection of focused print and patterns for the lifestyle industries. Our HOME collection offers a fashion forward edge, strongly focused towards colour combinations and our signature take on layouts and techniques.

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MADE by The Print Room

Housed within The Print Room, the MADE collection epitomises a high-end, luxe look. Timeless and wearable, the MADE collection offers sophisticated colour palettes and unique compositions that are well-received in a professional and fashionable sphere. The MADE collection centres around one-of-a-kind, retail-ready prints that combine corporate coordinates with the latest fashion trends effortlessly.

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The Longina Phillips Designs MENSWEAR collection is a polished collection of trend-driven prints and patterns, specifically targeting the menswear demographic. Our MENSWEAR collection is strongly focused on edgy and contemporary colour palettes with timeless, modern layouts to create a fresh angle customers will love.

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