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Freelance Textile Designers

There is much more to textile design then just picking out patterns. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into not just the overall design of textiles, but also knowing what will be popular and what is more likely to sell. Being a great artist is one thing but to be successful in the world of textile designs, one must also have a knowledge of fashion, future trends and the overall industry. Those who can afford to spend $30,000 and upwards per year on a mainstream fashion forecasting subscription are privy to what is predicted for the next season and are able to adjust and design with guidance from these predictions. This is where being a freelance textile designer can become a difficult job. Not every independent designer can afford such hefty fees! This is where Longina Philips comes in. We understand just how great being a freelance textile designer can be so we do not want you to have to give up a lifestyle and passion that suits you. Instead, we draw from a range of mainstream fashion forecasting subscriptions and our own research and deliver a thoughtfully curated pack of fashion trend reports four times per year, at a price more freelancers can afford. That way you have can access to the most important fashion insights and not only stay in step with what the industry is doing, but get ahead of it every season.

Textile Design Courses

For burgeoning textile designers and experts alike, it is important to practice the fundamentals. Longina Phillips has curated a selection of amazing textile design courses that are available to purchase. One of our new textile design courses is the “3 Leaves, 10 Ways” course. It is not legal to duplicate the motifs you create and sell them to different clients, however, there are strategies that you can employ to design variations of your motifs so that you can sell these to multiple clients. These methods are taught in this course.

Custom Designs

Have you ever had the unfortunate time of trying to find a print or design for a particular garment, product or use but not been able to find it? Have you ever had a very clear picture in your mind of the perfect print pattern for your job and feel frustrated when it doesn’t seem to exist. That is why at Longina Phillips Designs we offer a custom design service. With our custom design option, we can design that print you imagine. To work out your design, we just ask you a few questions to get an idea what you are looking for. We then ask you to send your creative inspiration and any words that depict the look or mood you are going for so we have an idea of what you are trying to envision. Your job is given to the most suitable in-house designer for your project and she immediately gets to work. Once she has her initial design, we give her drafts to you so you can decide whether it meets the brief or not. Having such a vast experience in the industry of textile designs, we understand just how important it is to get the design right, which is why we work with you every step away to bring the textile designs you want to life.

Learn - Posted on 11/11/2020