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Our Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow… Just Because

Having a dense and consistently satisfying Instagram feed is no easy feat. So if your feed is feeling a little bit dry at the moment and in need of a freshen up, check out our list below of our current faves!

Here are our top 10 Instagram accounts to follow for no particular reason and in no particular order:

1. Kester Black 

Kester Black have such a cool feed, their use of colour makes us want to lick the screens!


2. The Jealous Curator

The Jealous Curator sports a collection of eclectic and great mix of artists.


3. Man Repeller

The Man Repeller/Leandra Medine/Our future bestie (we can dream), is the best at not taking fashion too seriously. Plus Leandra is super honest and open, it’s pretty hard to not love that!



4. Sydney Dogs And Cats Home

Sydney Dogs And Cats Home absolutely couldn’t miss this list! Can we rescue every single cat and dog ever?


5. The Collecteur

The Collecteur a.k.a. Giulia Scalese, is another Insta-curator we’re loving at the moment. She boasts a great mix of artists doing really interesting work!


6. Trend Land

Trend Land has easily become one of our current faves. Their collection houses everything from colour and trend to amazing photographs and a vast collection of inspiration. We’re A-okay with that!


7. SeekerLoverDreamer

Much like her name, SeekerLoverDreamer can simply be described in just three words: Coolest. Chic. Ever.


8. Zotheysay

Zotheysay, otherwise known as Zoe Foster Blake or Australia’s national treasure, has us in stitches with every post. Can anyone write a better caption than Zoe? We think not.


9. Casaltaxavier

CasaltaXavier, has not only impressed Dior but has also knocked our socks off as well. Holey moley, this is one talented illustrator!


10. Chris Hemsworth

We’re talking Chris Hemsworth here, we dont need to explain this one!

Of course if you need one more, feel free to follow our Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

Uncategorised - Posted on 2/9/2017


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